Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of the most common fly fishing questions, definitions, and more, including frequently asked questions (FAQ) for instruction and clinics.

What equipment do I need for our lesson?
You are more than welcome to bring you’re own fly fishing equipment, however, we can provide complete fly fishing gear for the Basic Fly Fishing Instruction for up to four people. This includes a rod (8’6” or 9’  5-weight), reel and line, leader, tippet and a small assortment of flies. Waders and boots, if needed, can be rented at a local fly shop. Polarized sunglasses are also a must anytime you are on the river!

Please see our suggested packing list for more information on what to bring.

Do I need a fishing license?
Yes! All participants MUST have a current and valid Colorado Fishing License. Colorado Fishing License prices vary depending on whether you are a resident or from out of state, whether you purchase an annual license or one for one to five days.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Annual License – Resident, $26.00; Resident Senior (over 64), $1.00; Non-Resident, $56.00
  • One Day License – Resident and Non-Resident, $9.00
  • Five Day License – Non-Resident only, $21.00

Other required fees:

  • Habitat Stamp – $10.00
  • Search and Rescue – .25 cents

What should I wear?
As with any adventure outdoors you need to come prepared. Weather in Colorado can change in an instant, no matter the season. Dress for the weather and bring a raincoat even if the morning is bright, clear and sunny. It could be a stormy afternoon! Also, whether we get in the river or not sturdy foot ware is also a must.

Other things like a broad brimmed hat, sun screen, water bottle, bandana and whatever you usually bring on outdoor excursions will help you stay comfortable through the day.

Please see our suggested packing list tab for more information on what to wear.

If the weather is bad, will the instruction session be cancelled?
Most instruction sessions and clinics will be held outdoors, so weather is a consideration. We generally will only cancel a class or clinic if the weather is exceptionally bad or dangerous. Lightening and wind can cause us to seek shelter for the duration on an afternoon thunderstorm. Many of our instructional sessions will have a component that can be taught indoors, so our agenda may get re-arranged to accommodate conditions

How do I book a private instructional session?
Call Paula Fothergill at 970.230.9300 or complete the online reservation request form. Bookings can also be made through Roaring Fork Anglers at 970.945.0180 and Alpine Angling at 970.963.9245.